Rediscover the beach™

How old were you when you stopped playing at the beach?

As kids, the beach was a destination of nonstop fun and never-ending action. But as our choice of beach beverages became more adult, so did our waterfront activities. Playing tag was replaced with people watching. Building a sandcastle became less important than improving a tan. And the only pails that mattered anymore were ones filled with ice cubes and chilled bottles.

But here at Sandbol™ we believe it’s possible to experience the best of both beach experiences, and we’ve created the sport to prove it.

Unlike other sports that simply adapt their activity to the beach, Sandbol™ is a portable game that was designed specifically with the sand in mind. In fact, the only place Sandbol™ can be played is on a beach. Guess that means you’re just going to have to spend a whole lot more time there. You’re welcome.

Sandbol™ can be played casually with a sweet drink in hand, or competitively with a swift defeat in mind. Likewise, games can range from friendly, spur-of-the-moment challenges to daylong, tournament-style battles of sand skill. Because it doesn’t matter whether you play Sandbol™ as a pal or a pro, so long as you’re out in the sunshine playing it with friends. Just like you did all those years ago.

It’s time to play in the sand again. It’s time to rediscover the beach with Sandbol™.

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